Saturday, September 10, 2011

Vonage introduces captcha to disable automated call-forwarding

After standing by silently, while numerous mobile apps (including SmartDial) utilized the call-forwarding feature to dial Int'l numbers via Vonage from mobile phones, Vonage has now introduced captcha to disable automated call-forwarding. However, in response to overwhelming usage to call from mobiles, Vonage now has 'Extensions', by which you can extend cheap Vonage dial-out rates to your mobiles phones, as shown below.
Additional extension phones can be added for a monthly fee of $10. How to make international calls using your Extensions:

  1. Dial your access number from your registered phone.
  2. Enter your PIN.
  3. Dial the international destination number.

Vonage Extension can be added to SmartDial as a calling card. This lets you dial right from the address book, and reflects the dialed contact in the call log instead of the access number. To be fair, Vonage also has a similar Android app called "Vonage Extensions" available on the Android Market here. However, SmartDial offers the following advantages over Vonage's app.

  1. Lets you email yourself a copy of the call log for record keeping purposes.
  2. Lets you add additional calling cards that offer rates far less than what Vonage does to some countries. You get to pick the calling card used to make the call.
  3. Prompt customer support for setting up the app and resolve issues if any.

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