Saturday, May 12, 2012

German Language updated in SmartDial

The newest feature in SmartDial is human German Translations. They were earlier generated using Google Translate. Many thanks to Martin Sigmund for single-handedly providing the translations.
For our new readers, SmartDial is an Android app that can be setup to manage multiple calling cards to save on long distance calling. After the setup, all you have to do is dial your destination number either from your address book or your recently called list. If setup properly, SmartDial will route the call by calling the access number and entering the PIN if any. Email or Call us if you need help with the setup.
If you have a VOIP device such as Vonage or by AVM, you can call International at low rates by setting up SmartDial to call your VOIP device and then dial the destination number.
You can upgrade to Premium to disable ads and enjoy the cleaner user interface.

Get it on Google Play