Friday, March 25, 2011

SmartDial 1.0 is now Live at Amazon Appstore

The newest appstore on the block, the Amazon Appstore now has SmartDial 1.0. Amazon has been kind enough to put in a few more words about SmartDial's features, as follows.
  • Quit fumbling for calling card and PIN numbers to make calls
  • Keep all your calling cards set up within the app
  • Track actual numbers called through the call log
Amazon appstore went live on March 22, 2011 and it's main selling point is that they offer a paid app for free every day. Check it out at Amazon Appstore

Sunday, March 6, 2011

SmartDial Android App 1.0

Do you use a calling card to call friends out of your home country? Ever find the ordeal of dialing the calling card number, may be, followed by the PIN and then the destination number frustrating. Get SmartDial. Your solution to managing calling cards and making calling super easy. Just dial the destination number and you are done.

Install the app and do a one-time setup of your calling cards. Specify the prefix of the dialed number that you want the calling card to pick up, the card access number, PIN, and other details. SmartDial is intelligent to pick the right card that best fits the number you dialed. Even the call log will display the number you actually dialed and not the calling card number. Just dial the number and talk.

Do you find something missing in the app? Does the app not work for you? Send in your comments and suggestions and we will work on them.

Available in EspaƱol too. Happy Talking !!!!

SmartDial can be downloaded at the Android Market here.