Friday, March 25, 2011

SmartDial 1.0 is now Live at Amazon Appstore

The newest appstore on the block, the Amazon Appstore now has SmartDial 1.0. Amazon has been kind enough to put in a few more words about SmartDial's features, as follows.
  • Quit fumbling for calling card and PIN numbers to make calls
  • Keep all your calling cards set up within the app
  • Track actual numbers called through the call log
Amazon appstore went live on March 22, 2011 and it's main selling point is that they offer a paid app for free every day. Check it out at Amazon Appstore


  1. Hi, its just working perfect for me if I configure "use card for numbers with prefix is either +91 or 0091". i have only problem is that if I have my international number with 0091 and +91 in my contacts how can I configure in "use card for numbers with prefix"? If I configure as +91,0091(comma in between) is not working for any numbers.

  2. @Vijay We are glad to know that SmartDial works for you. We have had similar requests to support multiple prefixes and are currently developing SmartDial 2.0 that does that. If you can provide us with your email address, We will notify you when the new version is available. You can reach us at support[at]

    However, until it is available, you can use a workaround. You can create two calling cards with same access numbers but different prefixes, one with +91 and the other with 0091.

    Thanks for using SmartDial and posting the comment.